promo30DayWe CHALLENGE you to feel the difference.  Drink 2 bottles per day for 1 month and experience TRUE CELLULAR HYDRATION!

It’s time to Fuel up your body with Defiance Fuel and experience what true hydration really feels like. Take the Defiance Fuel 30-day challenge and feel the difference!

Unlike bulk waters, energy shots or chemical laden sports beverages, Defiance Fuel is a true daily hydration solution.  Defiance Fuel provides your body with cellular hydration.  Hydration like you’ve never experienced before.  We challenge you to drink Defiance fuel for 30-days and see what you’ve been missing.

Depending on your level of activity and fitness, it’s possible to feel the difference after just a few days.  For others, it may take as long as a month.  But when you do begin to experience it, you’ll know something is different.  You’ll begin to feel the difference. What do we mean by “feel” the difference?  If you’re like many of the others who have taken the Defiance Fuel 30-Day Challenge you may begin to experience some or all of the following:

  1. Increased energy levels
  2. More endurance
  3. Shorter recovery times
  4. More frequent urination (this is temporary and it means it’s working!)
  5. Minor symptoms of a detoxification process where your body begins to expel built up toxins (again, this is only temporary and another sign that it’s working!)

Are you ready to take the Defiance Fuel 30-Day Challenge and to experience what it feels like to be properly fueled for the first time in your life?