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Balancing pH levels and optimizing health with Potassium Carbonate

The average American diet does not meet our biological needs – high proteins, refined sugar and saturated fats accompanied with dehydration help cause an imbalance in the cell systems leading to higher levels of acid that create havoc with bodily function (e.g., animal protein metabolism yields sulfuric acid as an end-product). Theoretically, we humans should be better adapted physiologically to the diet our ancestors were exposed to for thousands of years than to the diet we have been eating since industrialization only 200 years ago.

Along with the many health problems resulting from this mismatch between our genetically determined nutritional requirements and our current diet, is the deficiency of potassium and bicarbonate, which were plentiful in the plant foods that our ancestors ate in abundance. Potassium bicarbonate has been exchanged for table salt, which is now found at high levels in processed foods.

Deficiency of bicarbonate in the diet increases the net systemic acid load leading to many challenges such as growth retardation in children, decreased muscle and bone mass in adults, and kidney stone formation (1,2). Studies have also found that hip fracture incidence in older women correlated with animal protein intake suggesting a causal relation to the acid load from protein.

Plant food intake, however, tended to be protective against hip fracture, and hip fracture incidence among countries correlated inversely with the ratio of plant to animal food use. Our modern day bicarbonate dietary imbalance leads to the body systems acid level increases with age.

Defiance Brands developed the product Defiance Fuel to address the overwhelming potassium bicarbonate deficiency worldwide. Defiance Fuel supplies potassium bicarbonate to the body in a highly efficient way by using our patented ultra-hydration delivery system. Neutralizing the acid load with potassium bicarbonate improves calcium and phosphorus balance, reduces bone breakdown, and slows the age-related decline in growth hormone levels.

Defiance Fuel focuses on potassium bicarbonate support to stimulate a perfect body pH which helps neutralize chronic systemic acidosis for improved performance utilizing our patented ultra-hydrating delivery system. Defiance Fuel accomplishes all this without calories, carbs, flavors, colors or hydroxyl radicals (found in ionized water).


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