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Defiance Fuel Named One Of The 2020 Editors’ Picks For Progressive Grocer

Progressive Grocer’s intrepid editors have sifted through the scores of new products submitted and come up with the 2020 slate of Editors’ Picks. This year, we are proud to announce that Defiance Fuel has been named one of Progressive Grocer’s 2020 Editors’ Picks!

Products are selected based on the following criteria:

  • INNOVATION: In overall product differentiation; new packaging application (not just new graphics or rebranding); ingredient enhancements; ability to grow/develop a new and/or existing category; new flavors/varieties/portion sizes; and positioning against the most important market and consumer trends, among others. It should really be new, not just a “me-too.”
  • IMPACT: How the new product was promoted for consumer awareness, as well as functionality and utilitarian attributes. Will the product have retail sell-through? 
  • OVERALL VALUE: How well the product delivers on its overall value proposition (i.e., price, packaging, quality and convenience). Is it a product that’s going to appeal to mainstream supermarket shoppers?

Read the full article here: 2020 Editors’ Picks Winners Revealed

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