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Defiance Fuel® Announces Defiance Sport™ and Albertsons Partnership

April 2021: Defiance Fuel®, Premium Structured Water Company is known for their remarkable 40 plus years of research in water science and distinct hydration, announces their brand new, natural sports drink with 32 Calories, 8 grams of Carbs, 5 essential electrolytes, and 72 Trace Minerals. Defiance Sport™ will be available in Albertsons beginning in April 2021.

Defiance Sport™ is a scientifically designed and developed sports beverage to maintain and replenish all 5 essential electrolytes lost during exertion. The scientific team behind Defiance Sport™ used evidence-based research to develop a formulation that addresses the body’s requirements for sustained and optimum performance for workouts, endurance exercise, and maintenance of daily hydration when working in extreme environments and living our daily lives. Defiance Sport™ is intended to be used before, during, and after exercise. It is also intended to be used as your daily Hydration Beverage of choice.

Defiance Sport™ is designed to be the ultimate Hydration Beverage. Yes, Hydration Beverage, NOT a nutrient replacement beverage. Without adequate hydration, there is not optimum nutrition. Hydration comes first.

Defiance Sport™ is about balance. Defiance Sport™ is about achieving the balance between what the body loses, and what the body is able to take in and absorb and is provided in a full-bodied experience and gut-friendly formulation.

Defiance Sport™ is unique because:

  1. It addresses sweat losses of the 5 electrolytes essential for muscle, nerve, cellular and whole-body function (sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and chloride).
  2. It helps to replace important trace minerals lost through sweating and those that are increasingly lacking in our food supply. Zinc, chromium, and cobalt are only a few of those that are important for optimizing immune health and enzyme functions in muscles and nerves.
  3. It includes only key nutraceutical ingredients that support cellular antioxidants, energy, and immune status. 
  4. It contains ingredients in the correct amounts and proportions to support cellular functions, NOT just for marketing flash.

The Albertsons and Defiance Sport™ partnerships includes: 

  • Defiance Sport™ located in the functional water/beverage aisle 
  • Defiance Sport™ flavors Peach Mango, Orange and Strawberry Banana will be available for $1.99 per bottle 

The goal we have with Defiance Sport™ is to deliver what athletes truly desire, improved hydration with healthy ingredients. We are constantly challenging the conventions of the industry and exploring hydration science from targeted hydration solutions to exploring more sustainable packaging and beyond.

Find Defiance Sport™ at these Albertsons locations:

2512 BroadwayGrand JunctionCO
1329 South Townsend AveMontroseCO
2901 F. RoadGrand JunctionCO
1550 Highway 92DeltaCO
681 Horizon DriveGrand JunctionCO
715-12th Avenue S.NampaID
415 Cleveland Blvd.CaldwellID
590 E. 17th St.ID FallsID
1520 No. Cole Rd.BoiseID
7100 W. State StBoiseID
330 E. BentonPocatelloID
10500 Overland Rd.BoiseID
10700 Ustick Rd.BoiseID
5100 Overland Rd.BoiseID
20 East FairviewMeridianID
405 South 8thPayetteID
909 E. Parkcenter Blvd.BoiseID
1901 S. 25th EAmmonID
2400 12th Avenue RoadNampaID
4700 North Eagle RoadBoiseID
3301 W Cherry LaneMeridianID
250 S. Eagle RoadEagleID
6560 S Federal WayBoiseID
3614 W. State St.BoiseID
1653 S. Vista Ave.BoiseID
132 E Lake StMcCallID
3499 E Fairview AveMeridianID
700 East Avalon StKunaID
10565 W Lake Hazel RdBoiseID
1650 W. State St.BoiseID
911 Main Street NorthHaileyID
640 Highway 16EmmettID
201 N. Main St.Deer LodgeMT
611 N. Montana StHelenaMT
570 N. Montana StDillonMT
146 S. Shore RoutePolsonMT
University Mall–200 S. 23rdBozemanMT
6999 Jackrabbit LaneBelgradeMT
3800 Russell St.MissoulaMT
900 W IdahoKalispellMT
2205 Oxford St.MissoulaMT
670 MainBillingsMT
2334 Central AveBillingsMT
1414 3rd St. N.W.Great FallsMT
2250 10th Ave. SGreat FallsMT
1212 Grand AveBillingsMT
519 S HaynesMiles CityMT
1313 N 1st St.HamiltonMT
3137 Grand Ave.BillingsMT
2120 Park StSouth LivingstonMT
2230 N. Reserve St.MissoulaMT
511 Central Ave.BillingsMT
6580 Highway 93 SouthWhitefishMT
1735 West Main StBozemanMT
20 E. 26th StWillistonND
2582 ID St.ElkoNV
1410 West Park Plaza Ontario, Or. 97914OntarioOR
105 Buffalo WayJacksonWY
1323 Dewar DriveRock SpringsWY
1825 17th StreetCodyWY