The difference is performance.

42 years. That’s how long it took to research, design, and define what would ultimately become Defiance Fuel – a structured water that supports elite performance. Though everyone can benefit from better hydration, both Defiance Fuel and Defiance Sport, our newest innovation, were created to hydrate and fuel today’s top athletes in ways the industry has never seen before.

Defiance Fuel

Nature may have created water, but we’re perfecting it.

Beginning with a base of ultra-purified water, Defiance Fuel is engineered to perfection by exposing a precise combination of minerals and electrolytes to electromagnetic fields and UV lights. Our process emulates and amplifies the subtle power of nature to create a structured water that is truly different.

Structured to overcome.

As we get older, both the water mobility (water flowing in and out of your cells) and intracellular water (water inside your cells) decrease. Defiance Fuel structured water mimics the way some natural waters positively affect these mechanisms without using harsh treatments like electrolysis (shocking the water with high voltage electricity). Ever feel bloated after drinking water? We hear that a lot from people – before they try Defiance Fuel, that is.

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Naturally Inspired

Exposure of water and minerals to electromagnetic fields and UV lights to create structured water

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Structured Water

Structured water has been shown to interact more effectively with cells and proteins

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pH (7.4+)

Closely matched to your body’s natural pH levels to aid in lactic acid recovery

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Made from chlorine-free, fluoride-free distilled water

Defiance Sport

Engineered for comebacks.

Defiance Sport isn’t like any other sports drink out there. It’s engineered to replace all 5 essential electrolytes lost during athletic performance in the same average ratios. We also added 72 trace minerals along with D-Ribose and red spinach extract to help with recovery and overall performance. Why go to such lengths to reinvent a sports drink? Because we knew we could provide the recovery and performance benefits athletes need with cleaner ingredients, fewer carbs, and great taste. The result? A sports drink that crushes the competition every single time.

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5 Electrolytes

Helps replenish lost essential electrolytes in the proper ratios
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72 Trace Minerals

Provides minerals increasingly not found in food that support optimal function
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Naturally hydrating

No artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors
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Optimal Performance

Red spinach extract supports athletic performance
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Fast Recovery

D-Ribose supports recovery of muscle adenine nucleotides (ATP)

Recyclable Bottles

PET1, BPA-free bottles

What is premium structured water?

Structured water is water that’s made with a precise mineral blend at a very low concentration level. When it’s infused with a combination of electromagnetic fields and UV lights, the water’s ability to conduct electricity and hold potential energy is altered. It becomes molecularly structured, meaning the H2O molecules are arranged in an orderly way, not randomly as in bulk water. Research has shown that structured water can more easily interact with cells and proteins. Or, to put it simply, our bodies just seem to like it better.

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for shelf life when not exposed to extreme heat, but optimal when stored in the fridge


to pack even more potential energy into the water


to create pH levels that closely match your blood

Perfected over time.

Defiance Fuel didn’t just happen. It was a scientific process that began in 1977 and was a true collaboration of free thinkers and scientific pioneers – a group unafraid to rebel against category norms.

The gold Standard.

Test. Measure. Modify. Repeat. This method, combined with personal feedback from trainers, coaches, and even a few Olympic gold medalists, was how we found the sweet spot.

Tested by the best.

Whether they’re in training or game mode, elite athletes rely on Defiance Fuel and Defiance Sport for a competitive edge when it matters most. And they’ve tried everything.

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Backed by data.

Into data? Here’s our latest Water Quality Report. Get ready to go deep.

Performance reigns.

Defiance Fuel has been put to the test by those who value performance above all. Professional athletes, Olympic athletes, top CrossFitters, musicians – everyone can benefit from targeted hydration. Take a look at how we helped these people up their game.