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Nope! Both Defiance Fuel and Defiance Sport are stabilized for shelf life when not exposed to extreme heat. So there’s no need to refrigerate them, but you definitely shouldn’t store your beverages in the trunk of your car in the middle of the summer either.

Though Defiance Sport doesn’t need to be kept cold, you might find it more invigorating when consumed cold. “Chill it, shake it, drink it” is our personal MO around here.


We get it. Defiance Fuel isn’t for everybody. If you weren’t satisfied with our product, you have 30 calendar days to notify us. At this time, we can only offer a refund if your product was damaged prior to delivery. Please email us at [email protected] with a photo of your damaged product in order to receive a refund.

Note: In order to experience optimal results, we suggest drinking two 1 liter bottles a day for 30 days to give your body a chance to recalibrate.


If you have any questions about our product, our process, an order, a return, or just want to trade stats on your favorite team, email us at [email protected]. We’ll always respond.


The short answer is yes. While Defiance Fuel structured water and Defiance Sport were primarily made to power elite athletes through grueling training, they are also wholesome enough to give to your tykes-in-training. In other words, we don’t use any artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners, and our packaging is BPA-free.


Lucky for you, we will deliver Defiance Fuel right to your home in select U.S. cities. And our ever-growing list of retail and gym partners means finding Defiance Fuel out in the wild is getting easier and easier. Order online here and stay tuned for our product locator map to come.


Great question! Of course, you can drink Defiance Sport when and wherever you feel like you need an extra hydration boost. However, it was scientifically designed to help your body in these key moments:

  • 1-2 hours before working working out to prime your body
  • During moderate to intense workouts to sustain performance
  • After training to replenish lost electrolytes and minerals
  • To stay hydrated on a hot day
  • Recommended dosage = 3 bottles a day while being active

We’d love to have you! Visit Our Partners page to learn more about what being a Hydration Partner means and how to apply.

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