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Inside the technology of cellular hydration

According to the Centers For Disease Control, hydration is one of the most important indicators of and contributors to overall cell health. When we are young children, our skin and organs contain an abundant supply of water. Not only is the water content high, but it is also highly mobile and has an abundance of clustered, highly mobile H2O molecules.

If you have ever changed a diaper you know how mobile the water can be!

Professor Seiji Katayama in Japan discovered that as we age, the mobility of the cell water dramatically slows. The suggested ideal ratio of water in a cell system is 60/40: 60% on the inside of the cell (intracellular water or ICW) and 40% outside (extracellular water or ECW). In adults, total water weight averages optimally 60% of the body weight.

In a young healthy child, water is 70% of the body weight, with a 60/40 ratio of ICW to ECW, and the dominant water type is active (clustered H2O molecules). In an average middle-aged adult, the total body moisture content drops to 50% total body water, a ratio of 50/50 intracellular moisture to extracellular moisture, and the water is far more bound or less mobile.

Tightly bound water does little to assist in nutrient delivery or waste removal through the cell membrane. By the time we have reached the age of 65, the average total body water is 45% of body weight or lower, with a ratio of 40/60 intracellular moisture to extracellular moisture and very little active water.

Professor Michael Levitt, Chairman, Department of Structural Biology, Stanford University, and Dr. Mark Gerstein, Yale University, have shown that ONE average human cell contains BILLIONS of water molecules, and that water is fundamental in giving proteins their structure and function. When intracellular hydration levels are low and water mobility is compromised, the structure and function of proteins, enzymes, and even DNA can be radically affected.

Interestingly, according to Dr. Gerald Pollack at the University of Washington, “99% of all molecules in the body are water.” As stated by Professors Florian Garczarek and Klaus Gerwert in Germany, “functional bioactive water is as important to cellular processes as amino acids.”