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Jalen Ramsey and Victor Brick help Tennessee recover with Defiance Fuel

After several devastating tornadoes struck Nashville, Tennessee in the early hours of March 3, 2020, Jalen Ramsey, cornerback for the LA Rams, and Victor Brick, the Founder of Planet Fitness Growth Partners, teamed up with Defiance Fuel to help the community through this tough time.

Together, the trio sent 40,000 bottles of Defiance Fuel to Nashville to keep residents and relief workers hydrated while the city recovered. All three have strong ties in the local community (Ramsey grew up not far from Nashville, Planet Fitness Growth Partners have many locations in the state and Defiance Fuel is proudly based in Nashville) and were quick to figure out a way to help.

Brian Burgdorf, President of Defiance Fuel, said, “We will always be strong for our city and help Nashville build back stronger. When tragedy strikes your family and your community, it always makes you realize that what matters is helping people and being there for people during tough times. We are stronger together.”

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