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Jeezy defies limitation with his new venture – a partnership with Defiance Fuel

Defiance Fuel is excited to welcome Jeezy to the Defiance Fuel family.

Here in excerpt from a recent Forbes article:

“Jenkins’ latest endeavor takes him into the world of athletic performance enhancement. This week, he announced a partnership with Nashville-based company Defiance Fuel, Inc. around their titular, signature product. Described as an “ultra-purified” performance water, Defiance Fuel is currently available via “partner gyms, yoga studios, sports teams, professional athletes, therapy centers, specialty sporting goods stores [and] wellness centers.” A recent arrangement with the St. Louis Cardinals put the rehydration product in both the bullpen and concession stands at Busch Stadium.

In a statement, Jenkins expressed his enthusiasm for working with the brand. “I am thrilled to partner with a brand whose motto ‘defy limitations’ is one I believe in professionally, physically, and mentally.”  While Jenkins’ move into this category may surprise those more accustomed to rappers teaming up with liquor brands or clothing companies, it’s not without precedent. Sean Combs, who topped this year’s aforementioned Forbes list, is a co-owner of performance water brand AQUAhydrate.”

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