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Everyone wins with targeted hydration, so it’s no wonder that over 500 gyms, yoga studios, sporting goods stores, and wellness centers across the country hydrate with Defiance Fuel.

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Becoming a Defiance Fuel Hydration Partner means more than simply stocking our products. From marketing materials and social media support to our ambassador program and special events, we’re here to elevate your hydration, brand, and entire community.

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At D1, they believe in training the entire body as a unit to produce optimal human performance. No gimmicks, no fads; they utilize trusted and proven training techniques used to build the world’s best athletes and deliver them in age-appropriate programs led by our expert coaches. Nothing at D1 is random. Every workout, every day follows a strategic 8-week training cycle that is meticulously planned and backed by sports science.

  • 50 facilities open nationwide and another 124 in development
  • 174 total awarded territories
  • D1 was started by Will Bartholomew in 2001. In 2017, D1 shifted to a franchise model.
  • Will Bartholomew’s passion is to bring the experience of professional and collegiate athletes to everybody everywhere.

“Defiance Fuel has been a great solution for our facilities nationwide. At D1, we pride ourselves on elite performance. We understand that elite performance requires the best products to refuel and re-energize our athletes. Defiance Fuel shares our same passion of inspiring and motivating athletes to reach their goals – they are helping to propel D1 athletes across the country.”

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