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What is parallel cellular capacitance, and why is it important?

All living things are made of cells. Cells are membrane bounded compartments filled with a concentrated solution of chemicals and salts. Groups of cells perform specialized functions and are linked by an intricate communications system. The cell membrane maintains an ion concentration gradient between the intracellular and extracellular spaces. This gradient creates an electrical potential difference across the membrane which is essential to cell survival. Electrical gradients are necessary to support movement of oxygen, carbon dioxide and nutrients. Therefore, the cell membrane has electrically insulting qualities of capacitance.

Electrical capacitance will increase or decrease depending on the health and the number of cells. Damage to the cell membrane, and its functions, is as lethal to the cell as direct damage to the nucleus itself.

The cell membrane functions as a permeable barrier separating ICW and the cytoplasm with its components, and ECW. The lipid membrane is transversed by channels made of proteins which control fluid movement, thus making these channels the modes of transport where water, ions and other chemicals can enter and exit the cell.

Bioimpedance analysis prediction equations have been developed that use parallel capacitance, resistance and reactance as predictors of extracellular mass and body cell mass. Examining ICW/ECW ratios, resistance, membrane electrical charge, and other measurements, we can immediately see differences in healthy tissues compared to tissues affected by degenerative diseases.

A body builder, for example, would have a high parallel capacitance and low resistance, or more cell volume, because he is extremely muscular and fit. A malnourished AIDS patient would have a low parallel capacitance. Parallel capacitance is not effected by weight or body fat. It is a measure of cell membrane health in all living substances and can change dramatically depending on disease or good health.

In a double blind study with 336 Type II diabetic patients, we significantly increase PC when compared to control water.

Defiance Fuel (DF) compared to distilled water (DW) in 336 diabetic patients. Published in Science and Technology Daily.



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