About Us

Defiance is in our DNA

In a space that was already overcrowded and overhyped, we were thirsty for water that actually delivered true hydration. When all we saw were a lot of claims with too little proof, we created Defiance Fuel – our answer to everything the bottled water industry wasn’t.

Building on what nature was already doing, our unique magnetic filtration process enhances the molecular structure of water to deliver targeted hydration to your cells when and where you need it most. Developed with Olympic gold medal athletes, professional trainers, and scientists, Defiance Fuel is the result of more than 42 years of research, development, testing, and more than a little obsession.

Beyond the clean, pure taste, is a quality you can trust. Every single batch goes through quality control to ensure that our high standards are met with every sip. Whether you’re an elite athlete or simply want to treat yourself better, your body will thank you for switching to Defiance Fuel.

Elite Integrity

Created for elite athletes and performance at the highest level, the purity of our process and ingredients will never be compromised just to sell more bottles.

Challenging Conventions

Impossible isn’t in our vocabulary. From targeted hydration solutions to sustainable packaging to natural sports drinks, we’re constantly challenging the conventions of the industry and exploring hydration science. It’s not enough to create a product, our goal is to make things better and more beneficial for you. 

Collaborative Innovation

We believe in actively engaging others to help us create products and processes that are truly unique. From commissioning research and clinical trials to product development and everything in between, we’ve worked with scientists, researchers, athletes, and trainers to ensure our products perform.