Defiance Science

What is Defiance Fuel®?

Defiance Fuel® is pure water that has been enhanced to have altered bonds between water molecule.

We believe that Defiance Fuel® is better absorbed into the body and into the cells. We also believe that the water in Defiance Fuel® has enhanced reactivity with other molecules in our cells.

Defiance Fuel® was designed to mimic the natural healing waters found in special places around the world, such as Lourdes in France. 

Defiance Fuel® is safe. Defiance Fuel® is manufactured and bottled in facilities that comply with FDA and international standards for Good Manufacturing Practice for human products. 

Defiance Fuel® is truly unique. It is unique amongst structured waters because it’s altered structuring is stable for months, as opposed to hours. It is unique because it really does support wellness. Defiance Fuel® is consumed by hundreds of athletes and thousands of people every day.

What is Structured Water?

There are many different types of structured waters. When we think of water we think of clear, clean, healthy liquid. Water (H2O) molecules, billions of them. 

Scientists have known for decades that H2O molecules can bind to each other and to other molecules, and can form clusters. While structured waters remain liquid, some of its chemical and physical properties change. We believe that changes in these properties make Defiance Fuel® a healthier beverage choice than most other waters. How Defiance Fuel® directly affects and interacts with cells currently being researched at McMaster University in Canada.

Research on the nature of Defiance Fuel® (University of Kobe, Japan) shows an abundance of free water and small clusters that are stable over time. It was concluded that Defiance Fuel® is a “functional water”.People have been making and using different forms of structured waters, for example magnetized water, for more than 40 years. Magnetized water is created by treating water with a magnet. The magnetic field of the magnet changes the hydrogen bonding in water, resulting in the creation of structures or clusters. Magnetized waters have been extensively researched in plant and animal production systems and have been shown to be beneficial to growth and health. (Link to research paper But magnetized water has two disadvantages: 1) it can be over-magnetized which may make it unsafe for use; and 2) it has a stability for a period of hours and so it must be used right away in order to get additional benefits that the structuring may give.

What Makes Defiance Fuel® Unique?

Defiance Fuel® is unique because it is made with clean water that is then purified, to which tiny amounts of natural minerals are added, and then infused with energy. The same kinds of energy that comes from the earth and the sun. 

The manufacturing approach used creates a safe product that is stable for months, with known physical and chemical properties.